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      Enlarge Picture      Fowler Family Reunion at Mooney Park 1926



                                                              SAPIENS QUI VIGILAT

                                             Burke's Commoners Vol. II, p. 385, edition of 1834                                            

 The Crusade is shown by the crosses on the chevron. Royal service is shown by the chevron. The lions are "on guard"         

  and protection to the person of the king is indicated by the coronet on the owl. The Fowler coat bears a helmet of              

  silver, representing nobility; above the helmet is a wreath - symbol of chivalry, the emblem presented the favorite

  knight by a lady during a tournament. The silver flourishing behind the helmet represent the cap of honor, while the

   blue flourishing represent the mantle flowing from the helmet for protection ............ above the wreath is an owl.


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