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 Christopher Clark Fowler                        1810 - 1860

        Born:    About 1810

       Died:    After 1860


 Delilah Davis                                          1820 - 1860

         Born:    About 1810     Harrison, Indiana    

        Died:    After 1860     Harrison, Indiana    

        Married     Harrison, Indiana      

        Children:   4


MARRIAGE: Affidavits of Marriages, Harrison Co., IN; 1808-1890; Co. Clerk;
p 42; San Jose Family History Center Film #5948 It. 7.

CENSUS: Harrison Co., IN; 1840; Fed. Govt.; p 268; Santa Clara Public
Library, Santa Clara, CA. NOTE: listed Christopher Fouler, 1 male 30-40,
2 females 5-10, 1 female 20-30, living next to his father-in-law Jacob
Davis and his brother-in-law John davis in Heath Township.

OCCUPATION: Blacksmith

DEATH: assumed based on a statement in Atchison Co. History that he left
Atchison Co. around 1850 and died soon after.

!NOTE: County Clerk, Harrison Co. IN Probates;;; Order Book 3, pg. 377;,