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 William M Farmer                                  1829 - 1892

        Born:      1829      Jefferson Co., Kentucky   

       Died:      Dec. 31, 1892      Middletown, Lake, California   


 Lucy Ann Fowler                                    1826 - 1895

       Born:      Apr. 30, 1826      Hendricks Co., Indiana   

       Died:     Oct. 01, 1895     Middletown, Lake, California   

       Married      Sept. 11, 1845    Atchison Co., Missouri

       Children:   9


CENSUS: Napa Co. CA; 1860; ; p 117; Federal Archives, San Bruno, CA

CENSUS: Atchison Co MO; 1850; ; ; Federal Archives, San Bruno, CA

MARRIAGE: Atchison Co. MO Marr. Rec.;

BIOGRAPHY: Reminiscences of a Pioneer Family in America by Samuel Fowler;

According to her brother Samuel's biography, Lucy gave birth to twins and
then to triplets. Perhaps some of the babies died at birth as the later
records give no indication of multiple births. Samuel describes Lucy Ann
as being 5'11" tall and her husband as being 6'2" and weighing 220