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 William Lee Fowler                                 1805 - 1886

        Born:    1805     Jackson, Clay, Tennessee   

       Died:    Aug. 23, 1886     Woodland, Yolo, California   


 Hester Dickson                                         1807 - 1897

         Born:    1807     North Caroline   

        Died:     Dec. 23, 1897     Woodland, Yolo, California   

        Married      1828     Indiana   

        Children:   11


           William Lee Fowler



                   1870                       1880         

 Cache Creek  flows out of Clear Lake in Lake County, California.  The Hudson Bay Company trappers cached their furs along the river and smaller streams, one of which became known as Cache Creek. One of their camps, known to early settlers as French Camp, was situated in a grove of oaks on the north bank of Cache Creek one mile east of the present town of Yolo.  Cache Creek was originally known to the Hudson�s Bay Company trappers as Rivière la Cache.

Cacheville, on State Hwy. #7 in the past/ Interstate 5 today, is located on Cache Creek 4 miles north and one mile west of Woodland.  Cacheville was originally known as Cochran�s Crossing.  After 1849 Thomas Cochran built a hotel on the future site of the town of Yolo, which provided accommodations for people traveling along the west side of the Sacramento River, it became known as Cockran�s Crossing. Next James A. Hutton built another hotel and the name changed to Hutton�s Ranch or "Travelers� Home." (At 325 Main St. in Yolo, you can see the old Hutton house today.)  In 1857 Hutton�s Ranch was renamed Cacheville and became the Yolo County seat in 1857. "Cacheville grew rapidly for a few years, but was outstripped by the more promising Yolo City, later known as Woodland, a few miles to the south."  535 Cacheville�s post office in 1870 was Yolo.  Cacheville is today known as Yolo.


1870 United States Federal Census Record

Name: William L Fowler

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805

Age in 1870: 65 

Birthplace: Tennessee 

Home in 1870: Cache Creek, Yolo, California  

Race: White 

Gender: Male  

Post Office: Woodland 

1880 Federal Census:


 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

 William FOWLER   Self   M   Male   W   75   VA   Farmer   VA   MO 

 Hester FOWLER   Wife   M   Female   W   74   SC   Keeping House   SC   SC 

 Caleb FOWLER   Son   S   Male   W   32   MO   Works On Farm   VA   SC 

 Melissa FOWLER   Dau   S   Female   W   34   MO      VA   SC 


Source Information:

  Census Place Woodland, Yolo, California

  Family History Library Film   1254086

  NA Film Number   T9-0086

  Page Number   286C


Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, Nevada), 1886-92

Name:    Fowler, William

Vitals:    Woodland, Ca.; formerly of Dayton, Nv.; 84 yrs 

Event Date:    8/23/1886 

Record Type:    Death 


CENSUS: Buchanan Co. MO; 1840; ; p 170; Federal Archives, San Bruno, CA.

CENSUS: Atchison Co. MO; 1850; ; #109; Federal Archives, San Bruno, CA

CENSUS: 1860 Census Yolo Co. CA; 1860; ; p 629 #651; Federal Archives San
Bruno, CA; NOTE: Cacheville post office.

CENSUS: Yolo Co. CA; 1870; Fed. Govt.; p 441; Fed. Archives San Bruno,
CA; NOTE: William L. Fowler.

PROBATE: Yolo Co. Probate Records; 1870-1890; ; ; Yolo County courthouse,
Woodland, CA; NOTE: will written July 8, 1886, died 23 Dec 1897 leaving
children Nelson C. Fowler, Lydia Jeffords (now Lydia Fowler Greer),
William J. Fowler, Thomas J. Fowler and Caleb Fowler, and grandchildren
(children of John E. Fowler) Clara Fowler Beckwith (wife of Bryen
Beckwith, residing in Tulare Co. CA), Edward Fowler (also called John
E.), Charles Fowler, Lillie Fowler, Sarah J. Fowler - 1/6 interest
conveyed by Lydia Greer;

BURIAL: Woodland Cem.

BIOGRAPHY: Reminiscences of a Pioneer Family in America by Samuel Fowler;

 NOTE: described
as 6' 2-1/2" tall and loved hunting and fishing.