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William O Fowler
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Isaac O Fowler
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Albert F Fowler
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 Issac Orin Fowler                                     1865 - 1952

       Born:     Dec. 08, 1865     Oroville, Butte, California   

       Died:     Jan. 04, 1952     Visalia, Tulare, California   


 Anna Marie Thut                                     1874 - 1951

       Born:     May 19, 1874     Pascal Seeger, Switzerland   

       Died:     Sept. 03, 1951     Visalia, Tulare, California    

       Married     Dec. 24, 1898     Tulare Co., California

       Children:  12


Anna Marie (Thut) Fowler    Isaac & Mary Fowler        Isaac & Arthur Fowler                                  


Ida Thut, Mary & Alica Fowler         Ida Thut,      


 Isaac & Mary Fowler at wedding of Nettie Hester Jeffords  ( Lydia Fowler daughter)


Louise, George, Albert, James, Isaac, Alice, Carl, Earl, and William Fowler  


                                      The Fowler Boys

  From left: Carl & Beulah Fowler, Orin & Ruth Fowler, George & Ruth Fowler, Earl & Amy Fowler

  Bill & Florence Fowler, Walter & Helen Fowler, and Floyd & Fay Fowler  


              Alice, Louise, Mary, Isaac, Walter, Floyd, and George

              Bill, Earl, Carol, & Orin


  Back left to right: Bob & Earl Fowler, Hobart McClure holding Larry McClure, Louise McClure

  Isaac, Carl, George, Walter, Bill & Florence, Ruth & Orin Fowler  

  Middle: Amy, Margie, Beulah, Ruth holding Danny, Helen holding Jim, Fay holding Donnie Fowler

  Second from front: Children: Ann, Bill, Carole, and Joyce Fowler, Mary Fowler on end

  Front: Ron Fowler, Jim McClure, Norma Jean Fowler, Janet McClure and Alice Fowler 


                       At Family Reunion 1926


           Issac Orin Fowler * Anna Marie 


       1870                   1900                  1910                 1920                 1930         


<>; NOTE: listed as Isaac Orin Fowler, 24, b.
California, living in Saucileto Precinct, registered 25 Sep 1890.

!RESIDENCE: Great Register, Tulare Co. CA;
genweb/ca/tulare/great register/gr1898.txt>;transcribed by Steven Williams
<>; NOTE: listed as Isaac Orin Fowler, 32, b.
California, living in Packwood (Supp Reg) Precinct.

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Bruno, CA.

!RESIDENCES: Tulare Co. CA Directory; 1936; ; ; Sutro Library,
San Francisco, CA; wash mach repr 1016 W. Center.

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228 Sh2

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TulareCounty Courthouse.

!CENSUS: Tulare Co. CA; 1920; E.D. 228; sh. 2; Federal Archives,
SanBruno, CA.

!OCCUPATION: Washing machine repairman.

Anna Marie Thut

!CENSUS: Butte Co. CA; 1900; ED 16; Sh 5; Federal Archives, San Bruno,CA.

!CENSUS: Tulare Co. CA; 1920; E.D. 228; sh. 2; Federal Archives,
SanBruno, CA.

!RESIDENCES: Tulare Co. CA Directory; 1936; ; ; Sutro Library,
SanFrancisco, CA; NOTE: living in Visalia.

!DEATH: Death Certificate; 1951; State of Calif.; #____; copy in
possWilliam Fowler, San Jose, CA.

!BIRTH: Family Records; ; ; ; in poss William Fowler, San Jose, CA.