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  John Jeffords                                          1766 - 1831

        Born:   Salem, Essex, Massachusetts  

        Died:   Smithland, Kentucky


  Phebe Magdalene Sherman                      1772 - 1864

        Born:   Lanesboro, Massachusetts  

        Died:   Furnace, Scioto, Ohio

        Married:    Mar 03, 1831


John & Phoebe Sherman Jeffords had 16 (not 15) children as listed:
1.Henry born August 5, 1790 in Roxbury, Mass (married 1. Sarah Keller,

2. Sarah Craig); owned & operated the Scotio Inn in Portsmouth, Ohio and, at the same time, owned the stage coach running between Portsmouth and Chillacoth (Chillicothe).

2&3. Jackson & Nicholus (twins) born c.1792
4. John born c. 1794
5. William born c.1796
6. Lucinda born c. 1798
7. Clara born c. 1800
8. Rufus born c.1803
9&10. Ezra & Elza (twins) born June 1, 1805 (Ezra married 1.Anna Prey,

 2. Elizabeth Van Bibber; Elza married Matilda Bauemheim)

11.Amy born c.1806
12.Sherman born c. 1807
13.Josiah born c. 1808
14.Polly born c. 1809 (married Israel Ross)
15.Isabela born c.1810 (married Counsel Bostick)
This information came from George Washington Jeffords (1856-1946), who was the grandson of Elza Jeffords,

John Jeffords & Phebe Sherman ) was born on 11 Jul 1772 in Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She was christened on 5 Sep 1773 in St Luke's, Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She died on 11 Mar 1864 in Scioto County, Ohio.

Appears in the household of her son Ezra Jeffords on the 1850 census.

Phebe married John Jeffords on 28 Nov 1788 in Lanesborough, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. John was born on 3 Aug 1766 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. He died on 3 Mar 1831 in Smithfield, Henry County, Kentucky.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Vol 8, page 735 - Jeffords, John, Salem. Boy, ship, "Rhodes", commanded by Capt Nehemiah Buffington; descriptive list of officers and crew, sworn 14 Aug 1780; age, 14 years; stature, 5 ft 2 in; complexion, light; residence, Salem.

Most of the info here on the Jeffords family came from Bruce E. Logan Jr, 2234 Concord Dr, Wheelersburg, OH 45694.

They had the following children.

Henry Jeffords was born in 1790. He died on 29 Apr 1871

 Jackson Jeffords was born about 1792

Nicholas Jeffords was born about 1792

John Jeffords was born in 1795. He died on 13 Oct 1868

William Jeffords was born in 1796. He died in Feb 1845

Lucinda Jeffords was born about 1798 in Ohio

Clara Jeffords was born about 1800 in Ohio

Rufus Jeffords was born in 1803. He died in 1823.

Ezra Jeffords was born on 1 Jun 1805. He died in 1871.

Elza Jeffords was born on 1 Jun 1805. He died about 1837

Amy Jeffords was born about 1806 in Ohio

Abel Sherman Jeffords was born in 1808

Josiah Jeffords was born about 1808 in Ohio

Polly Jeffords was born about 1809 in Ohio

Isabella Jeffords was born about 1810