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 John Thomas Richard Ussery                    1672 - 1750

       Born:    1672      New Kent Co., Virginia   

       Died:     Oct. 1750      Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia


  Sarah Eudore Blackwell                          1674 - 1770

       Born:     1674      Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia

       Died:    1770      Lunenburg, Lunenburg, Virginia

       Married:    1691

       Children:  7


Sir Robert Ussery , came into America with William Penn in 1682 on the Welcome. He settled in the Maryland County of Tolerant [Talbot?].

We believe that he had a son John and perhaps a son William. John had three sons, William Thomas, John Jr., and William Richard, all who came into Lunenburg Co., VA approximately 1738 with their father or fathers. There were there a short time and moved into 
Montgomery, Anson and Richmond Counties of North Carolina prior to 1769 and settled. John and Thomas served in the N.C. Legislature from 1786-1790. Richard dropped

 “William” because of a controversy with his brother Thomas, as to who would use the name “William” . Richard had a set of kids in N.C. (One son named “Welcome” after the ship, Welcome) Thomas had a son named Welcome and John’s middle name was John Welcome Ussery.”


Generation 2: John Ussery died about 1750 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. He
married Sarah Blackwell. Their children are:
1. William Ussery, Sr. married Minervia Judith Mays.
2. John Ussery born in 1729, died in December 1804 in Lunenburg County, Virginia.
He married Anne.
3. Sarah Ussery married Athanasius Elmore. Anthanasius was born in 1734 in Orange
County, North Carolina.


John Ussery (b. 1672, d. Bef. October 1750)

John Ussery (son of John Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Cheisand) was born 1672, and died Bef. October 1750. He married Sarah Blackwell on date unknown.

Includes NotesNotes for John Ussery:
Lunenburg Co.,VA(Cumberland Parish)was formed from Brunswick County in 1746. It is this county in which the researcher can find a solid beginning. Except what has been gleaned from the Lunenburg County Courthouse records, very little seems to be known about John Ussery(1)or his wife Sarah Blackwell.(In fact, so far research has been unable to prove that Sarah's last name was Blackwell. More than 30 years ago someone attached that name to her and she's been called that every since.) It is storngly believed that Johns parents were John Ussery born abt 1640 in New Kent Co.,Va. St. Peter's Parish and Mary(last name unknown)
On February 20,1745, John Ussery bought approximately 337 acres from Jothan Moot in Lunenburg. His death ca. 1748 resulted in the tithe list for that year to contain the consecutive entries:
"At Widow Userey's William Userey 2 tithes(son William now of legal age)Rober Moore 2 tithes"
It seems John Ussery(1)died not long after Lunenburg County was formed,leaving Sarah with the task of raising her childrfen in a new frontier. Her son William,now of legal age, resumed the responsibilities as the male provider.
In Landon C.Bell's "Sunlight on the Southside", John and brother, William Ussery are listed on the tithe list in Lunenburg County as follows:
John Ussery & James Blackwell; tithes 3,Heads & Scalps-6 between Hounds Creek & Mehrrin River-1749
John Usery & William Usery, 3 tithes; John Blackwell 2 tithes; 6 heads & scalps
William Usery, 1 tithe, Hounds Creek & Meherrin River-1748

On August 5,1751,after John's(1)death,the land grant issued to him by King George of Great Britain was filed in Lunenburg Co.,VA. As far as it is know, it is the only patent issued to an Ussery found in Virginia:

"I,George the second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King.........for the consideration of the sum of 40 shillings of good and lawful money grant to John Ussery the certain tract or parcel of land containing 400 acres,lying and being in the county of Lunenburg, on both sides of Crooked Run and bounded as follows: to the south 23 degrees east,60 poles; south 30 degrees west 100 poles; north 75? degrees west 280 poles; north 30 degrees east 440 poles; south 70? degrees east 116 poles; south 30 degrees west 170 poles; north 55 degrees west 72 poles; south 8 degrees west 66 poles; up Crooked Run. Dated 5 August 1751"

The following are a few of the legal activities relating to John Ussery's estate from October 1750 to October 1770:

Order Book 2,Page 348-October Court 1750 Lunenburg Co.,VA: Sarah Ussery, widow of John Ussery,deceased,summoned to appear at the next court to show cause why she has not administered on the estate of her deceased husband.

Order Book 2,page 461 October Court 1751 Lunenburg Co.,Va. William Ussery granted administration on the estate of John Ussery,deceased, and with John Tabor and John Blackwell, his securities,entered into and acknowledged bond.

Order Book 2,page 467 October Court 1751 Lunenburg Co.,VA.: Ordered that John Williams,Reps Jones, William Rivers and Robert Moore, or any three of them, do appraise the personal estate of John Ussery,deceased.

Will Book 1,page 72, Recorded May 5,1752 Lunenburg Co.,Va.: Inventory and appraisal of the estate of John Ussery,deceased made by Reps Jones,William Rivers and Robert Moore, value 62 pounds 4 shillings 9 pence, returned to Court by William Ussery,administrator.

On Nov. 9,1769, Sarah Ussery,"relict of John Ussery", deeds to son John Ussery,quit claim all dower rights 300 acres land in Lunenburg Co.,VA. Parish of Cumberland, on both sides of Crooked Run Greek, it being the same land recently sold by my son to William Meredith.

October 11,1770, To all people to whom this present writing shall come, Sarah Ussery,relict of John Ussery deceased, sendeth greetings,etc. Know ye that the said Sarah for and in consideration of five shillings good and lawful money of Great Britanin, to her in hand paid, the receipt whereof she doth hereby acknowledge,together with the natural love and affection that she hath beareth toward her son John Ussery hath removed, released and quit claim, and by these presents doth clearly and absolutely remove,release and forever quit claim of all manner of dower right and title of dower whatsoever,so as neither she the said Sarah or any other person or persons in the County of Lunenburg and Parish of Cumberland,on both sides of Crooked Run Creek, it being the same land lately bargained and sold by my said son John Ussery to William Meredeth reference being had to the deed from said John Ussery to said William Meredeth will more fully appear. In witness whereof the said Sarah Ussery hath hereunto set her hand and affixed her seal the eleventh day of October in the year one thousand seven hundred and seventy.
Sarah(x her mark) Ussery
At Court held for Lunenburg County, the 11th day of October,1770.