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Lucinda Ussery  1785 - 1853


John Fowler   1776 - 1867

Lucinda Ussery was a twin. 

Land grant 221 dated Feb. 4, 1825 was issued to Philip Mulkey on the south side of the Cumberland River between the farms of Sylvanus Fowler and John Tinsley. Notes to Chapter 11: #12 Smith and Butler, Green County Land Entries, p. 65. Welcome Ussery's land joined James Butler's property. James Butler's line joined Thomas Welch..."on line creek." Mary Ussery's father was Welcome Ussery of North Carolina. She also had a nephew named Welcome Ussery, and possibly a brother by that name. Mary Ussery's twin sister, Lucy, married John Fowler. Welcome Ussery who entered 150 acres of land near Line Creek, November 12, 1798, appears as an early member of Brimstone. Mary Ussery who married Sylvanus Fowler lived on the south side of Cumberland River in the Tinsley Bottoms opposite the mouth of Brimstone Creek. John Tinsley married Alice Mulkey, a daughter of Philip Mulkey, the pastor of Brimstone Church. John and Alice owned land on the south side of Cumberland River. They are buried in the High Cedars Cemetery in the Tinsley Bottoms along with a son of Philip Mulkey.