Lula E Peters




      LULA EDITH PETERS                    1916 - 1941






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        Lula Edith Peters -  front row # 4                   1933                 Lula Edith Peters                1934 Fort Charte, Illinois         

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  Lula, Robert, & Mary Peters   Lula,Mary & Melba, Tims Wife & Elmer    Mary & Lula Peters  1935 Lula Edith Peters     935 Lula Edith Peters          

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             1937  Lula Edith Peter                                 Elmer DeRause Family                         Elmer DeRause Family                         1939 Lula Edith Peters         

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                               1939 Elmer DeRause Family   in Parrier DuRocher, Illinois                        Elmer's Brother Kids 1939          Mr & Mrs Thomas H Mc Donoug W. Alton, Mo.

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                                          1939 Illinois                          East Alton, Illinois - Lula, Melba, Betty DeRause                          1939 Illinois                       Tim DeRause, Wife & Melba

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                   1937 Illinois                                           1939 Illinois                     1935  Ethel Elza (Al) & Lula                        Parrier DuRocher, Illinois 1939 Lula's Ranch

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              Parrier DuRocher, Illinois 1939                             Lula 1939                                       Lila DeRouse 1939                              Lula & Margaret DeRouse 1939

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                    Parrier DuRocher, Illinois 1940 - Lula & Elmer DeRouse                Lula & Elmer DeRouse            Lula Edith ( Peters ) DeRouse

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                                           East Hardin, Illinois Dec. 1939

                ?, Pete, Ethel, Mary, Velma, Lula, Hester, Bob, Robert, & Sarah  


                                         CALHOUND PAPER HARDIN, ILLINOIS     Thursday Sept 18, 1941  

WOMEN, 24  Drowned At Hardin

                                     Body Of East Hardin Lady Found    Floating in River: Disappeared


                  Thursday morning of last week the body of Lulu Peters DeRouse, 24 years old,

           was found in the Illi­nois River south of Hardin near the Paul Aderton residence.

           Sam Presley and Chas. Brayman who were fishing nearby noticed the body and

           brought it to shore. They notified Coroner Hanks immediately and the body was then

           taken to the Hanks Funeral Home. After considering the evidence presented, 

           the coroner's jury returned a verdict of "cause un­known."    Funeral services 

           were from the funeral home, Rev. C. Grove of Batchtown officiating. Interment

           was in the Hardin cemetery.


                   Mrs. DeRouse, a daughter of Robert Peters of East Hardin, was last seen by

           several persons in Hardin Tuesday morning. After inquiries had been made

           concerning her whereabouts, the family reported to Sheriff Schmieder on

           Wednesday that she was missing.  Until five months ago, Mrs. DeRouse had 

           resided in Prairie De Rocher, Ill. With her husband, Elmer DeRouse, to whom

           she had been married for nine years. At the time her furniture was being brought 

           to East Hardin, the truck was wrecked and all contents demolished. Her father 

           stated that she had been somewhat despondent since returning to East Hardin.

           Besides her husband, Mrs. DeRouse leaves surviving, her parents, four brothers 

           and three sisters, Robert, Joe, Arthur, James, Ethel, Thelma and Mary. She 

           also is survived by her grandmother, Mrs. Harriet Peters and other relatives.


                           Mrs. Lulu DeRouse

                      Missing Two Day Before

                          Body Was Found

A wedding ring was one of the chief means if identifying a body

taken from the Illinois river, about one mile south of Hardin last

Thurs­day at 9:30 a. m. by two fishermen, Sam Presley and 

Howard Brayman.

The ring and shoes helped Robert Peters of East Hardin in establishing 

identity as that of his daughter, Mrs. Lulu Edith DeRouse, 24, who been 

missing since Tuesday morning from his home and for whom a search 

had been instigated.

At a coroner's inquest Thursday at 7 p. m., conducted by Coroner Lee 

Hanks of Belleview a verdict of death by drowning was returned,

Funeral rites for Mrs. DeRouse were conducted at 9:30 a. m. Friday at 

Hanks funeral home here by the Rev. C. Grove, pastor of Batchtown

 Methodist Church.

Mrs. DeRouse was last seen on Tuesday morning. She had left the 

home of her parents at East Hardin about 6 a. m., telling her mother she 

planned to go to Hardin.

Testimony at the Inquest revealed she had been seen to cross the bridge

 into Hardin and was seen after her arrival here, but after that, trace of her

 apparently had been lost.  

      The body which was seen floating in the river by Presley and Brayman,

     was taken, by them to shore, near the home of Paul Aderton, and 

     Sheriff Joseph C. Schmieder was notified.

     Mrs. DeRouse, who had been at the home of her parents for the past 

     four months, had resided here until her marriage about eight years ago.

     She came to East Hardin four months ago from Prairie De Rocher where 

     her husband,     Emil DeRouse, now resides.

Besides her parents, she is sur­vived by four brothers, Robert, Joseph, 

Arthur, and James Peters, all of East Hardin, and three sisters, 

Mrs. Ethel Fowler, Rock Island; Thelma and Mary Peters, who reside at 

home. She also leaves her grandmother, Mrs. Harriett Peters of Hardin.  



                                               Born: Hardin, Illinois Nov 27, 1916

                                               Died: Sept 16, 1941 Hardin, Illinois